Friday, December 30, 2011

that's Life... !!

 Born on a holy day but not incarnated,
25 years passed since this persecution started.

An ordinary being, not a prodigy,
Wandered most of his life aimlessly like that’s his hobby.

Encumbered with desires and aspirations galore, 
Trying to watch the other end of the ocean from the shore.

Inside there was always a hunger unsatisfied,
He never succeeded but he toiled and strived.

Colliding million thoughts inside head,
He started from A but never reached Z.

Nature wasn’t indulgent to him and invariably in strife,
So he turned a masochist, as for him that was something called life.

Cursed with agony and distress,
He never tried to make a fuss.

Tried to wriggle free from infliction and pain,
He did all he could but all in vain.

Came a time when he was in the state of oblivion,
He was helpless, numb and incompetent to bear on.

One way was to start crying,
The other that he pick was to keep trying.

Obscuring his apprehensions and fears,
Since then tips of his eyes are holding his tears.

With confidence in his eyes and smile on his face,
He is marching ahead with no misgivings but grace.

Still skeletons tumble down from cupboard at times,
Now he try to care less and says I’m fine.

Beacon may not be lit,
But  hope is what drives this misfit.

Hardships and severities are rife,
Not just a story but that’s  life....

Friday, September 23, 2011

बेबस हूँ मैं....

टुटा हूँ मैं, बिखरा हूँ मैं, लड़ते-लड़ते गिरा भी मैं...
बस लड़ता रहा...जीता नहीं.. .करता भी क्या.. बेबस था मैं..

जीतने की तलब उतनी न थी.. हारना ना था बस.. चाहे जितना बेबस था मैं...

डटा रहा.. लगा रहा.. आगे बेशक बड़ा ना मैं...
किस्मत मान कर हंस पड़ा... करता भी क्या.. बेबस था मैं...

उससे कभी न माँगा मैंने... भले कितना बेबस था मैं....
उससे मांगता भी तो क्या... जिसकी मर्ज़ी से बेबस था मैं...

बेकार नहीं... पर आज भी बेबस हूँ मैं ...
बुजदिल नहीं... पर आज भी बेबस हूँ मै .....
हारा नहीं... पर आज भी बेबस हूँ मैं ...
कल भी बेबस था मैं... आज भी  बेबस हूँ मैं....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

वक़्त नही....

कैसी यह कशमकश है, कैसी है ये स्थिति,
ख़ुशी हो तो मुस्कुराने का वक़्त नही,
दुःख हो तो आंसू बहाने का वक़्त नही,
दर्द हो तो सहलाने का वक़्त नही,
गलती करो तो पछताने का वक़्त नही,
जज़्बात हैं पर जताने का वक़्त नही,
दूसरों से रोज़ मिलते हैं, खुद से मिल पाने का वक़्त नही |

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God envy us !

Any moment might be your last because you are a mortal,
Every happiness is more euphoric, every moment is more beautiful because you are mortals,
You won’t be more lovelier than what you are now because you are mortals,
This affliction, this distress, this melancholy is not incessant because you are mortals, 
Every emotion is more strong, more worth living and experiencing, because you are mortals,
You can do right, you can do wrong, you can do evil, you can become a devil and you can make a choice between heaven and hell because you are mortals,
You can live, you can choose not to live because you are mortals,
He is devoid and deprived because he is not a mortal,
Oh yeah, God envy us because we are mortals !